E-mail Madness for Restaurants
Your Best Customers, Coming Back, Again, and Again, and Again . . . 
The Ways I Can Take Care of You
Managed e-mail Services 
You can do it yourself, or you can let me take care of it. Here's what I can do for you.
Single Payment*
  • Basic Web Page
  • Custom Domain
  • E-mail Capture Form
  • *Includes one year of hosting and domain name registration, e-mail management is your responsibility
Best Value
Done For You System
Three Months at the Cost of Two
  • Nicer Web Site
  • Custom Domain
  • E-mail Capture
  • Professional List Management 
  • My team does it for you
  • $49 a month after third month
Full Professional Management
Per Month
  • Custom Web Site
  • Custom Domain
  • E-mail Capture
  • Professional List Management
  • Campaign Consulting
  • Social Media Management
Do it Yourself
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You can always go back to the video to learn how to set up a form.  As I move forward, I'll add some more on how to use them.  If you haven't already, sign on to our e-mail list, and you'll be kept up to date as we move forward.

Tools and Resources
Useful Providers and Software for your e-mail and social media marketing needs.
Web Site Hosting Services
There are hundreds of these out there. I've picked two with excellent reputations and great service. What I like about both of these is that they are smaller companies. They really get customer service. And They will take excellent care of you as you grow. 

These both have basic website builders available at no cost to you. With minimal skill and for all of about $50 a year, you can have your own web page, if only to host your e-mail capture form.
List Management Services
There are a number of services that can be used to run your e-mail.

Going forward, I'll link to them and review them here
The nice thing about these services is they handle all the subscription and make sure the legal fine points are included.

More on this will be coming soon.
Bigger and Better

Coming Soon, I'll have links here to some of my competitors.

My primary focus at the moment is a webpage designed to capture e-mail and a great e-mail marketing program. When I've taken that as far as it can go, I'll build out the add-ons.

It's not that I can't set up your facebook or your google business page for you.  I can, and I'll be happy to. But that's not where I am looking right now. I can show you how to manage a facebook page, but I won't do it for you.  I still think e-mail is too important.

If you are crazy about using Twitter or Instagram, for instance, there are people who can do it better for you, and you deserve to use them. As my team grows, and we build in those capabilities, I'll let you know.

Thanks for visiting.

Visit our Sample Page
It's kind of a combination between a sample and a what we can do for you, but I think it's worth a look, if you haven't been there already.

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